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Scientists call for national science agenda for biodiversity collections

The Biodiversity Collections Network has developed a national agenda that leverages digital data in biodiversity collections for new uses. Informed by a series of workshops and stakeholder discussions, Extending U.S. Biodiversity Collections to Promote Research and Education will stimulate new research endeavors, particularly in areas where biology intersects with other fields and engages students and the public. The story of our environment and life on Earth is told by approximately 1 billion biodiversity specimens as diverse as dinosaur bones, plants, parasites, insects, eggshells, microscopic pollen grains, audio recordings, field notes, and computed tomography scans, among other samples held in more than a thousand natural history museums, university science departments, botanic gardens and other research centers across the country. Shown here: high-resolution computed tomography reconstruction of an angler (Lophius piscatorius).

Visit Website | Image credit: Zachary Randall/Florida Museum