Picture of the Day

Scalable Visualization Using Grids

A simulation showing ground wave action as shock waves travel under the ocean, passing Catalina Island (in blue, upper right). View from underground level, looking south. This simulation, known as TeraShake, used the new 10 teraflops DataStar supercomputer and large-scale data resources of the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of California, San Diego. Distributed interactive volume browsing with the Grid Visualization Utility, using the Globus Toolkit and a point-sampling technique to accelerate exploration of very large datasets. Showing the Terashake-2.1 simulation depicting a velocity wavefield as it propagates through the 3-Dimensional velocity structure beneath Southern California. The warmer red and yellow colors indicate regions of compression, while the cooler blue and green colors show regions of dilation. Faint yellow (faults), red (roads) and blue (coast-line) lines add geographical context.

Visit Website | Image credit: Marcus Thiebaux, Information Sciences Institute, USC