Picture of the Day

"Golden Honeycomb" Fractal

"Golden Honeycomb" fractal, part of the Mandelbrot set. Mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot introduced a set of equations in 1975, that impressed artists more than scientists. That's because his equations--called fractals--become amazing geometrical pictures. As the image is enlarged--the picture going deeper and deeper into the region near the boundary of the Mandelbrot set itself (black bits)--we see infinitely many fabulous patterns, including miniature copies of the whole set, spidery filaments, pools and lagoons of color, devilish pitchforks and complicated spirals. This image was made using the KPT Fractal Explorer plug-in for Adobe Photoshop. The colors have been chosen to emphasize the structure and detail of the M-set, rather than to make an artistic statement.

Visit Website | Image credit: Frances Griffin