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Titania-based material holds promise as new insulator for superconductors

Research shows that a type of modified titania, or titanium dioxide, holds promise as an electrical insulator for superconducting magnets, allowing heat to dissipate while preserving the electrical paths along which current flows. Superconducting magnets are being investigated for use in next-generation power generating technologies and medical devices. The photo above is an energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy image taken within a scanning electron microscope, illustrating a Bi2212 wire depicted in blue and green, coated with the titania-based insulation depicted in red. “This titania-based material is up to 20 times better at conducting heat than comparable electrical insulators,” says Dr. Sasha Ishmael, a postdoctoral researcher at North Carolina State. “It has characteristics that are very promising for use as electrical insulators for superconducting technologies.”

Visit Website | Image credit: Sasha Ishmael, North Carolina State University