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Bus Service For Qubits

Qubit-based computing exploiting spooky quantum effects like entanglement and superposition will speed up factoring and searching calculations far above what can be done with mere zero-or-one bits. To domesticate quantum weirdness, however, to make it a fit companion for mass-market electronic technology, many tricky bi-lateral and multi-lateral arrangements -- among photons, electrons, circuits, cavities, etc. -- need to be negotiated. A new milestone in this forward march: a Princeton-Joint Quantum Institute (JQI) collaboration announces the successful excitation of a spin qubit using a resonant cavity. The circuit, via the cavity, senses the presence of the qubit as if it were a bit of capacitance. This result, published this week in Nature magazine, points toward the eventual movement of quantum information over “bus” conduits much as digital information moves over buses in conventional computers.


Visit Website | Image credit: Petersson et. al.