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EarthScope's Transportable Array now spans Alaska, the last frontier

Seismic station A19K, it’s called, and it’s now at the edge of an abandoned airstrip far above the Arctic Circle. The nearest population center is 127 miles northeast in Utqiagvik (formerly known as Barrow), the northernmost city in the United States. What a way to celebrate Earth Science Week, Oct. 8-14, 2017. The seismic station is part of EarthScope, a project funded by the National Science Foundation. It's one of hundreds of stations collectively called the Transportable Array. As its name suggests, the array can and does move from place to place. Station A19K is the last installation in a 280-station Alaska seismic network that continuously records ground motion from local, regional and global earthquakes and broadcasts its data in real time. The Transportable Array also covers the lower 48 states coast to coast with a grid of stations at nearly 1,700 sites.

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