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New app can secure all your saved emails

While an empty email inbox is something many people strive for, most of us are not successful. And that means that we probably have stored away hundreds, even thousands of emails that contain all kinds of personal information we would prefer to keep private. Current defenses, such as Pretty Good Privacy and Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, rely on public key cryptography that uses pairs of public and private keys generated by cryptographic algorithms. Because these systems are too technical and difficult for the average user, most people don't use them. As a result, many email accounts have been hacked, including many high-profile cases. In response to these kinds of widespread attacks, National Science Foundation-funded computer scientists have built Easy Email Encryption (E3), an application for secure, encrypted email that is easy to manage even for non-technical users. Now in beta test mode, E3 automatically and invisibly encrypts email as soon as it is received on any trusted device, including smartphones, laptops and tablets. It works on a variety of platforms including Android, Windows, Linux and Google Chrome, and with popular mail services such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and more.

Visit Website | Image credit: John S. Koh/Columbia Engineering