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Frugal science in the age of innovation

A team of scientists is working on creating an ambitious hearing aid that would potentially cost less than a dollar. Although this work is in early stages, it could have potential payoff for millions of people who could benefit from accessible and affordable hearing aids. The device is built on the principles of frugal science. According to the lead researcher, today’s access to scientific tools and healthcare devices still has many barriers. Hence, he and his team want to design and build tools that are scientifically rigorous but cost only a few cents on the dollar. Frugal science is the idea that, in a situation where resources are limited, adaptations can be made to create tools at low cost that anyone can make or use. The lead researcher sees frugal science as a way to solve global health problems, and empowering non-engineers to create solutions is a key part of that.

Visit Website | Image credit: Craig Bromley/Georgia Tech