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Algorithm is designed to map universe, solve mysteries

To solve some of physics' greatest mysteries, researchers at Cornell University have developed an algorithm designed to visualize models of the universe. The algorithm was developed by applying scientific principles used to create models for understanding cell biology and physics to the challenges of cosmology and big data. The algorithm allows researchers to image a large set of probabilities to look for information that might be useful, and provides scientists with better intuition for understanding complex models and data. One of the researchers is developing astronomical instrumentation that will use the algorithm to study the characteristics of the early universe. "We need better algorithms that can extract what we're interested in," the researcher said. "We can't just say, 'Look for interesting universes.' This algorithm is a way of untangling information that can reveal the interesting structure of the data." National Science Foundation's Division of Materials Research provided funding for the project along with the Division of Astronomical Sciences.

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