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An App To Improve Driving

You are driving along the interstate when your foot depresses the gas pedal. Almost immediately, a disembodied female voice from the smart phone on the center console beside you warns: "Sudden accelerate. Sudden accelerate. Sudden accelerate." Speeding isn't the only thing that little voice will catch. She won't let you get away with any bad driving practices. You also might hear: "Hard braking," "vehicle wandering detected," "tailgating detected," "lane hopping detected," "bad right (or left) lane change," or "left (or right) swerve detected," among other things. It also will warn you not to talk or text.

Introducing "Mobile Life Guard," a soon-to-be new app for your smart phone that its inventors hope will discourage bad driving, including distracted driving, and keep you and others focused and safe on the roads. It will alert drivers to weather and road conditions -- pot holes and speed bumps, for example -- and will let drivers know when they are engaging in risky road behaviors.

Visit Website | Image credit: Ram Dantu and Brandon Goziek, University of North Texas